Has Uninvited Algae Taken Up Residence Around Your Home?

Let Nothing But Clean of Katy, TX power wash your roof, siding, deck, and driveways in Houston, TX

It gets quite humid in the Houston, Texas area, which can cause many problems for your home. Humid weather means moisture. Moisture contributes to the growth of algae and mold. And where do mold and algae like to live? In the crevices of your home’s siding, driveways, and decks.

If your home has fallen victim to dangerous bacteria or mold, call the experts at Nothing But Clean today. We’ll keep your home in good condition with our high-pressure power washing service.

Nothing But Clean will take care of your toughest stains and dirt

Nothing But Clean will take care of your toughest stains and dirt

To make sure your home stays clean year-round, and free of unpleasant stains and mold growth, we’ll power wash:

  • Exterior surfaces of your house
  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Pool areas and decks
  • Hardscaped areas

You can even sign up for our recurring power washing service. Every six months, our crew will come out to your home and thoroughly clean the area. There will be no more mold or algae with Nothing But Clean on the job.

To schedule an appointment in Katy, Sugar Land, Woodlands, or Houston, TX, please call 832-776-4786 today. We’ll give you a free quote!