Are Dirty Windows Blocking Your View?

Nothing But Clean has fast and affordable window cleaning services in Katy, TX, Houston, and the surrounding areas

We've already cleaned your home by power washing the exterior surfaces. Now it's time to make your property truly sparkle. Get a pristine shine with Nothing But Clean! We offer thorough window cleaning services for homes in Katy, Texas and the greater Houston area.

Three benefits to hiring our professional crew to clean your windows

At Nothing But Clean, we use premium cleaning products to keep your windows clean for up to six months or even a year. Our services include:

  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of your windows
  • Scrubbing each window by hand for a streak-free shine
  • Taking apart each window to clean the tracks, screens, etc.

Your windows will stay spotless with Nothing But Clean of Katy, TX on the job. Call 832-776-4786 now to schedule a time for us to clean your windows.